Welcome Back!
The Data and AI Briefing Centers are excited to re-open our doors to our valued guests from across the globe. For the safety of all involved, we realize that a successful return can only happen with the utmost care and an abundance of caution. We are committed to following IBM’s uniform, global enhanced health and safety standards in addition to following applicable government or health authority requirements. Our goal is to make all of our visitors feel as comfortable as possible at our Briefing Center.

Have a Seat!
We adjusted the seating in our briefing rooms to maintain social distancing. We also identified other spaces on our campus that can provide the spacing needed to support larger groups. Our briefing consultants can help determine the appropriate meeting space for your group, and we can also suggest technology options for incorporating attendees who are necessary for the success of the event but may prefer not to attend the briefing in person.

Stay Refreshed!
Our Briefing Center will continue to provide our guests with a variety of refreshments during their visit. For the safety of yourself and others, individually packaged snacks are available for your enjoyment. Coffee, tea, and other beverages are available in single-serving formats, such as coffee pods, tea bags, and canned or bottled beverages. For briefings where lunch is provided, you can be assured that our on-site Catering Department follows all applicable guidelines when preparing our food service.

Above All, Be Safe!
All IBM employees, including Briefing Center staff, follow IBM health and safety practices, and customers and partners are also asked to follow these practices while at an IBM site. For example, as a precaution, Briefing Center staff will not initiate handshakes with visitors. Other ways we are implementing these practices are through a self-screening questionnaire that attendees complete prior to arrival, and the availability of masks, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant surface wipes throughout the Briefing Center.

Take Advantage of Us!
Our goal is to achieve business results by connecting IBM clients with the creativity and intellect of IBM engineers and executives in a world-class environment that fosters strategic planning, relationship building, exploration of use cases, and so much more. Our briefing team helps identify objectives and craft tailored agendas staffed with the architects, executives, IBM Fellows, Distinguished Engineers, Senior Technical Staff Members, technical leads, data scientists, design professionals, and developers necessary to create solutions that address your business concerns.

A brief 30-minute chat with one of our professional briefing consultants is the first step in tackling your technology concerns. Contact us today to schedule a call!

DateEvent ListAbstract
10/20/2021The Alliance ~ October 2021
10/28/2021Data and AI: Live from the Lab! presents Palantir for IBM Cloud Pak for Data for Financial Services
10/19/2021 (Session I) OR 10/21/2021 (Session II)IBM Safer Payments Customer Meet the Lab Event 2021

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