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CASCON is the premier industrial and academic conference for advanced studies in computer science and software engineering sponsored by the IBM Canada Laboratory. We are happy to announce that this year CASCON 2023 will be co-located at the 1st IBM TechXchange Conference, a new IBM global event series specifically designed for technical communities and experts, from Sept 11-14, 2023 at Las Vegas, NV, US.

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CASCON 2023 Call for Workshops

CASCON 2023 is calling for workshop proposals! The workshops at CASCON 2023 provide a forum to present and discuss novel research ideas on Cognitive/AI Systems, Security and Privacy, Decentralized Systems, Big Data Systems, Software Engineering and Emerging Technologies, Human Factors and Society, Sustainable and Responsible Computing.

Workshops can be structured around invited talks, and/or workshop paper presentations. Don't miss out on this opportunity to submit a proposal!

Our Community

IBM Advanced Studies has launched a new community hub to foster academic collaboration, and connect IBMers with students, educators and researchers. Members can participate in creative discussions, and share knowledge and experiences through their blog.

Accelerating Innovation Through Research Projects

Advanced Studies is continuously striving to accelerate product innovation within IBM. Click the button below to view the impact statements submitted by each research team describing why their projects matter. We are looking forward to another productive year in 2022 with 60 projects improving 58 products spanning across 16 departments including Data and AI, Cloud and Cognitive Software, Systems, Hybrid Cloud Ecosystems and more. More information about these projects is available under the website's Research tab.

Advancing Innovation

Collaboration is the key to our success

We help IBM product teams engage with students and faculty in joint academic-industry projects that promote innovation within IBM's offerings and in published academic research.

We currently have 60 joint academic-industry research projects associated with 105 IBM products, and involving 124 IBMers, 60 faculty and 129 students . In advancing the thesis research of each student, these projects generate publications, patents and IBM product contributions.

IBM Advanced Studies Awards 2022
Every year, IBM Advanced Studies recognizes the most outstanding research projects, students, professors, and IBM product experts that exemplify drive for innovation, collaboration and forward thinking research.
These awards are presented at our annual academic tech conference - a space to engage and learn with a community of software developers, researchers, students, academics, decision-makers and IBMers.

Community Outreach

Work Integrated Learning Logo
Work Integrated Learning Logo

Work Integrated Learning

The Work Integrated Learning (WIL) program is a campus-based community of practice that enables students to identify and build solutions to business and societal challenges.

In each project, students are connected with clients, IBM teams and educators. Students utilize Enterprise Design Thinking and applicable IBM technologies to address these challenges. WIL provides students with a means to apply their knowledge from academic studies towards career-related experiences, supporting them as they work towards their career goals.

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