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Collaborator of the Year
Kit Barton, IBM

(in the picture) Prof. Jose Nelson Amaral on behalf of Kit Barton

Kit exemplifies the role an effective industry collaborator has in joint research. He engages early, connects with experts and design teams across the corporation, meets regularly with the combined team, consults with professors, provides industry perspective in important questions, advises and guides students, stirs innovative ideas through the invention disclosure process, and recruits interns and graduates with specialized skills and expertise.

Kit's sustained efforts were instrumental in creating a trusted, integrated IBM and University of Alberta team that has made important contributions to three generations of world's fastest computer deliveries by IBM. Recent accomplishments include POWER10 MMA hardware support for machine learning and HPC workloads, and dynamically adaptive recompilation that enables compatibility-oriented binaries to access the latest processor improvements.

Honourable Mentions:
Kevin Smith