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Project of the Year
CAS Project #1030 - Cognitive Business Operations Made Easy

This project best exemplifies the IBM Center for Advanced Studies mission, by delivering excellence in applied research, exposing IBM development teams to new and emerging technologies, and transferring results into commercial products.

The research and development team has applied conceptual modeling and requirements engineering techniques developed at the University of Toronto to make it easy to add increasingly sophisticated levels of AI-based automation to business operations. This has deepened our understanding of organizational readiness, maturity and systematic staged adoption of machine learning. The project has generated multiple patent disclosures, and a prototype to be incorporated in an existing IBM business automation offering.

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Research Team:
Ziauddin Babar, University of Toronto
Soroosh Nalchigar, University of Toronto
Alexei Lapouchnian, University of Toronto
Professor Eric Yu, University of Toronto
John Mourra, IBM
Ed Lynch, IBM
Sebastian Carbajales, IBM
John Green, IBM
Yazan Obeidi, IBM
Allen Chan, IBM

Honourable Mentions:
CAS Project #1035 - Embedded OMR
University of New Brunswick & IBM
CAS Project #1049 - GALO: Guided Automated Learning For Query Workload Re-optimization
University of Ontario Institute of Technology & IBM
CAS Project #1059 - Cyberattacks Countermeasures and Prevention
University of Ottawa & IBM
CAS Project #1068 - Reverse Engineering Deployment Specifications From Running Systems
University of Victoria & IBM