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Project of the Year
Project #1104 - Monitoring and Improving Architecture of Microservice-based Applications

The project team served as reference users for the IBM Mono2Micro product, analyzing gaps between academic and industry-level systems, conducting research that advanced the state-of-the-art, and engaging with IBM developers to incorporate the research results into the product. The team created a prototype tool for comparing and analyzing microservice decompositions, and conducted a study of industry practitioners that categorized important tool requirements, both of which led to new features and capabilities in Mono2Micro. This work was also presented at ICSME 2022.

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Research Team:
Professor Julia Rubin, University of British Columbia
Research Associate Evelien Boerstra, University of British Columbia
Research Associate John Ahn, University of British Columbia
Project Lead Yee-Kang Chang, IBM
Manager Erin Heximer, IBM
Contributors Cynthia T. High, IBM
Contributors Len Theivendra, IBM
Contributors Sasa Matijevic, IBM

Honourable Mentions:
Project #1145 - A Framework for Engineering Cognitive-Enabled, Self-Managed Digital-Twin Platforms
University of Victoria, ICESI University and IBM