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Student of the Year
Curtis D'Alves, McMaster University

Curtis is recognized by IBM complier team developers, development managers, and offering managers for his contributions to a breadth of initiatives.
His work enabled IBM to achieve phenomenal MASS performance gains for the XL C/C++ compiler on z/OS, providing up to 22% better performance for analytical workloads.
Other work on understanding scheduling issues yielded cryptographic kernel performance improvements of up to 8.1x, which have been successfully productized.
He has also helped over a dozen research students become familiar with IBM compiler technology, and has built new tools to make these frameworks easier to use.

Honourable Mentions:
João De Carvalho
University of Campinas Brasil
Marios Grigoriou
Western University
Miguel Jimenez
University of Victoria
Sazia Mahfuz
Queen's University
Mona Nashaat Ali Elmowafy
University of Alberta
Erick Ochoa
University of Alberta
Maria Patrou
University of New Brunswick