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Student of the Year
Kristen Newbury, University of Alberta

During her thesis research with IBM, Kristen invented a novel low-overhead runtime patching solution that applies automated hotfixes for misuses of cryptography APIs as the code is being executed in a running system. She constructed a prototype implementation for use in the Eclipse OpenJ9 JVM.

Kristen mastered three complex systems: the Eclipse OpenJ9 Java Virtual Machine, the Soot static program analysis framework, and the CogniCrypt cryptography API validation system. She made code contributions to OpenJ9 and CogniCrypt, with additional contributions planned to Soot and OpenJ9. She has been very effective at transferring her knowledge to other students.

Kristen's work has made contributions important to IBM's leadership in Java runtime technology and software security. Her Master's thesis was unanimously nominated for a departmental award by her defense committee at the University of Alberta.

Honourable Mentions:
Maria Patrou
University of New Brunswick
William Pourmajidi
Ryerson University