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IBM Advanced Studies Video Award
Project #1034 - SQL Query Compilation and Optimization using OMR JitBuilder

The winning Project 1034 video exemplifies the IBM Center for Advanced Studies mission by delivering excellence in the demonstration of applied research, breaking barriers in understanding IBM technology, and exposing IBM communities to the potential of meaningful innovation.

Employing unique animations, an enthusiastic voice-over and a strong project overview, the video is approachable by the non-technical audience and captures the research problem and solution in a powerful way. It builds in its explanation of the project, keeps viewers engaged with quality production and presents a homely and shareable feel.

The work of collaborating students, professors and IBM product experts stands out among 35+ video submissions and testifies to the power of accessible content delivery.

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Research Team:
Professor Suprio Ray, University of New Brunswick
Project Manager Stephen MacKay, University of New Brunswick
Research Assistant DeVerne Jones, University of New Brunswick
Student Nithin Ivan, University of New Brunswick
Student Saumya Verma, University of New Brunswick
Student Debajyoti Datta, University of New Brunswick
Student Shubh Sharma, University of New Brunswick
Project Lead Mark Stoodley, IBM

Honourable Mentions:
Project #1146 - Line of Business Explainability
University of Toronto
Project #1006 - Approximation Algorithms for Instruction Scheduling
McMaster University