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Project 1059 - Cyberattacks Countermeasures and Prevention


Running from 2018 to present

Cyberattacks Countermeasures and Prevention

We look at every aspects of cybercrime: detection, protection, take down, forensics, using static and dynamic code analysis, data mining and machine learning. We are aiming for 0-victim prevention techniques and automatic cybercriminal track down, at industrial scale.

Public Impact Statement:
This research has led to numerous publications in cybersecurity. Our focus is on detection of cyberattacks at industrial scale, and we aim for "0-victim" solutions, that is, solutions that can prevent an attack before it is being reported by victims, indeed before there are victims at all. We use a mix of AI/machine learning and technical means to achieve our aims. For example, we have published the first analysis of phishing site data extraction mechanisms, and provided a deep-learning-based solution to detect and stop stolen data from being exfiltrated by the attacker, essentially rendering the entire attack useless.
We have also been working on web-based scams, and provided the first extensive analysis of two scams: the "game hack scam", in which victims -- mostly children -- are led to believe that they will be provided with free advantages in their online games, and the "bitcoin generator scam", in which victims are promised a 200% return on their investment. In both cases, we also developed a system to automatically track scam instances, that has been shown to catch many attacks before any victims fall for it. Our bitcoin generator scam monitor is used as the first academic feed of cryptocurrency scam addresses by the not-for-profit Anti Phishing Working Group.

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Research team:

  • PI: Prof. Guy-Vincent Jourdan, University of Ottawa
  • Co-PI: Prof. Herna Viktor, University of Ottawa
  • Co-PI: Prof. Ettore Merlo, Polytechnique Montreal
  • Co-PI: Prof. Paula Branco, University of Ottawa
  • Co-PI: Prof. Gregor Von Bochmann, University of Ottawa
  • Research Associate: Ken Grant, University of Ottawa
  • Research Associate: Dr. Bahman Sistany, University of Ottawa
  • Student: Julien Cassagne, Polytechnique Montreal
  • Student: Eric Dzeha, University of Ottawa
  • Student: Emad Badawi, University of Ottawa
  • Student: William Aiken, University of Ottawa
  • Student: Sabbir Hossain, University of Ottawa
  • Student: Asmaa Hailane, University of Ottawa
  • Student: Paul Mvula, University of Ottawa
  • IBM Project Lead (RCL): Vio Onut, IBM
  • IBM Project Lead (RCL): Cheng-Ta Lee, IBM
  • IBM Sponsor (RCS): Russell L. Couturier, IBM
  • IBM Contributor (RCC): Chinwe Oparaji, IBM
  • IBM Contributor (RCC): Jason Flood, IBM
  • IBM Contributor (RCC): Vio Onut, IBM


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