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Project 1150 - Optimizing data migration and performance of target systems


Running from 2022 to present

Optimizing data migration and performance of target systems

Data migration is the process of moving data from one location (the source system) to another (the target system), such as from an on-premise data center to a cloud or from one cloud to another. To reduce the business interruption time, data migration needs to be done as fast as possible. To transfer data over the internet, data compression is commonly used to reduce the size of data and thus speed up the data migration process.

The main objective of this project is to explore ways to better compress the data at the source site for migration to lower the migration cost. Since unpacking the compressed data at the target system in a straightforward fashion may often result in significant increase in the data size compared with that at the source system, another objective is to study how to unpack the data in the target system in such a way that the data size can be minimized and the performance of SQL queries can be optimized after the data is loaded to the target system.

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Research team:

  • IBM Project Lead (RCL): Dariusz Jania, IBM
  • IBM Manager (RCM): Marcin Janiszewski, IBM
  • IBM Sponsor (RCS): Michael Kwok, IBM
  • IBM Contributor (RCC): Mateusz Bochenek, IBM
  • IBM Contributor (RCC): Marcin Janiszewski, IBM


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