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Project 1156 - KAS: Keeping Analysis Stable


Running from 2022 to present

KAS: Keeping Analysis Stable


Research team:

  • IBM Project Lead (RCL): Vijay Sundaresan, IBM
  • IBM Manager (RCM): Kishor Patil, IBM
  • IBM Sponsor (RCS): Vijay Sundaresan, IBM
  • IBM Contributor (RCC): Daryl Maier, IBM

Problem Statement: Keep the program analysis results "stable" in the presence of dynamic features of Java (like dynamic class loading, hot code replace, and so on), with minimal overheads.

Summary of the Solution: The primary goal is to incrementally recompute, points-to analysis to keep it "stable" in the presence of dynamic features of Java. We plan to build on the prior works of incremental analysis and recent idea of Homeostasis to design an incremental points-to analysis algorithm that can efficiently update the points-to information, in the presence of dynamic updates to the program under execution. We also plan to see how we can extend the idea of Homeostasis to Eclipse OpenJ9.

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