Work Integrated Learning

Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) provides students with a means to apply their knowledge from academic studies towards career-related experiences, supporting them as they work towards their career goals.

Current Projects

Cross Campus Capstone Classroom (C4)

One of our GTSP offerings, C4, provides students with an intensive experiential education opportunity. Through work in a "social classroom," students work collaboratively in teams focusing on projects aligned with the sustainability themes of the United Nations.

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Students with mentors from industry and the community to ideate and co-create solutions that address society’s most pressing challenges, particularly in the areas of environmental, urban and social sustainability. Supported through a partnership with IBM Advanced Studies, INSPIRE begins in May with six community-driven projects over the course of 4 months.

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Sustainable Watershed Integrated Management Project (SWIM)

In collaboration with the University of Calgary, the Sustainable Watershed Integrated Management (SWIM) project pools together data from multiple sources – sensors, scientists, and citizens – to create an accessible information reservoir that enhances watershed education, science, policy, and management across Canada. Work Integrated Learning contributors are currently focusing on user experience, data integration, and technical challenges on the SWIM platform.

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Precision Cities: Responding Precisely to Human Needs

In collaboration with Carleton University, the Precision Cities project aims to support local organizations and community leaders in Vanier, Ottawa in providing self-sustaining, community-driven solutions to food insecurity within their vulnerable populations.

Utilizing IBM Garage Methodology, the IBM Precision Cities Work Integrated Learning Team focuses on the iterative process of co-creation, co-execution, and co-operation whilst incorporating IBM Enterprise Design Thinking, and IBM Agile Principles to identify key stakeholders, focal pain-points, and possible solutions, in collaboration with the Vanier community.

The Precision Cities Work Integrated Learning Team focuses primarily on seeking opportunities to build capacity amongst community organizations to more equitably distribute available resources to the users who need it most.

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