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November 15-17, 2022 Metro Toronto Convention Hall

CASCON 2022 is the 32nd Annual International Conference in Computer Science and Software Engineering sponsored by the IBM Canada Lab.

CASCON creates relationships between industry, developers and academics to accelerate innovation and realize meaningful outcomes for business and society.



Not your typical tech conference

CASCON is a platform for the open dissemination of technology advancements in applied research.

Since 1991, CASCON has attracted software developers, researchers, innovators, technologists and decision makers from academia, industry, and government, who come together to learn about technology trends, present papers, participate in workshops, and exhibit prototypes and solutions.

The conference program features thought-provoking keynotes, original research papers, stimulating workshops, and an engaging technology expo. Conference proceedings are published in the ACM Digital Library.

CASCON 2022 in numbers

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"Brings together all of IBM in one place"

"I had no idea IBM had this broad a portfolio of offerings"
-Build Hub Client

"It was an incredible learning experience where we got a chance to test out bold wild ideas, and work with others towards common good. I left feeling inspired to learn more and expand my horizons."
-University Student

"It's a unique event with a mix of academic and industry in software engineering"
-Academic Speaker

"Great breadth and depth of topics. Looking forward to 2023"
-Industry Leader


Keynote speakers

Prof. Gillian Hadfield

Prof. Gillian Hadfield

University of Toronto

Chair & Director of Schwartz Reisman Institute for Technology & Society

William J. Barry, PhD

William J. Barry, PhD

Army War College

Emerging Technologies and Cyber SME; Faculty, Center for Strategic Leadership

Marcel Mitran

Marcel Mitran


IBM Fellow - CTO Cloud Platform IBM zSystems and LinuxONE Systems

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Speaker at CASCON 2022
Speaker at CASCON 2022
Speaker at CASCON 2022
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Speaker at CASCON 2022

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