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Collaborator of the Year
Sebastian Carbajales, IBM

In 2021, Sebastian made significant contributions to Project #1122: Business Automation On-the-Go as a Project Lead. The project focuses on developing machine learning techniques to recognize intent from email exchanges to automate ad-hoc tasks without prior codification in a process model. While this is a relatively new project, the team has already accomplished noticeable progress in connecting declarative mining and workflow automation results. These results are incredibly relevant to our IBM product team.

Sebastian has played an integral role in his CAS research projects by driving them to successful outcomes. He possesses a thorough understanding of project vision, product architecture, and solution implementation, which has been critical for the success of research projects. Sebastian has always led the project-wide meetings, usually with five to eight other IBMers in attendance and an average of five researchers from the university side.

Sebastian exemplifies the IBM Center for Advanced Studies mission by demonstrating a drive for innovation, collaboration and forward-thinking research. Sebastian is the glue that connects all project members, especially by bridging the gap between the different languages that academics and industrial partners often speak, ensuring all team members understand each side.

Honourable Mentions:
Kit Barton
Mark Stoodley