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Project of the Year
Project #1046 - Conversion and retention of the users

This project which started in 2017, best exemplifies the IBM Center for Advanced Studies mission by delivering excellence in applied research, exposing IBM development teams to new and emerging technologies, and transferring results into commercial products.

The project team focused on enhancing IBM's Cloud offerings by improving the maintenance and robustness of the IBM Cloud Platform Software, reducing the burden on the operations team of IBM DB2 Cloud offering, and increasing the trust between the IBM Cloud and its consumers by preventing log-tampering. The team is also implementing a reference architecture that allows users to get log and telemetry data and analysis by default on the IBM Cloud.

This project has led to numerous prototypes and product enhancements, one book chapter, four conference publications, three posters/demos/videos, seven invited talks, and one upcoming journal publication.

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Research Team:
Professor Andriy Miranskyy, Ryerson University
Research Associate Lei Zhang, Ryerson University
M.Sc. Candidate Sarah Sohana, Ryerson University
Ph.D. Candidate Mohammad Islam, Ryerson University
Ph.D. Candidate William Pourmajidi, Ryerson University
Project Lead and Manager John Steinbacher, IBM
Contributors Jeremy Brumer, IBM
Contributors Steve Woolf, IBM
Contributors Anothony W. Erwin, IBM

Honourable Mentions:
Project #1131 - Continuous Knobs tuning over Dynamic Data Environments
University of Ontario Institute of Technology, York University and IBM
Project #1092 - A knowledge-based Answering System based on Collaborative Q&A Platforms
Ryerson University and IBM