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Student of the Year
Alexey Khrabrov, University of Toronto

In 2019, Alexey joined project 1102 to maximize the value of OpenJ9 JIT server technology which decouples the JIT complier from the JVM and lets it run as a service. He came up with the idea of caching machine code produced by a remote JIT compile server, amortizing JIT compilation costs across many JVM instances. Alexey went above and beyond the requirements of a research project and wrote production-ready code for integration into the Eclipse OpenJ9 project. The realistic large-scale test environment he created exceeded all expectations showing reductions of up to 87% in warm-up time, 68% in memory footprint, and a whopping 340% increase in overall cloud cluster CPU efficiency. This work has been presented at USENIX ATC 2022, and has yielded one patent disclosure so far.

Honourable Mentions:
Evelien Boerstra
University of British Columbia
Amin Kamali
University of Ottawa