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IBM Advanced Studies Video Award
Project #1061 - Developing a Graduate Course Using Eclipse OMR, OpenJ9, OpenShift

The winning video excels at depicting the goals of Project 1061 while keeping a captive audience. Employing powerful visuals, a unique voice-over using Watson Text to Speech Service, and a strong project description, the video fully captures and explains the research problem, goals and solution. It conveys a sound explanation of the project, keeps viewers engaged with quality production and presents a professional and educational feel. This video stands out among the 40+ other submissions and testifies to the power of accessible content delivery.

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Research Team:
Professor Ladan Tahvildari, Principal Investigator, University of Waterloo
Ryan Liu, University of Waterloo
Mingyang Xu, University of Waterloo
Project Lead Mark Stoodley, IBM
Manager Vij Singh, IBM
Sponsor Kishor Patil, IBM

Honourable Mentions:
Project #1114 - Machine learning and computer vision for contactless patient monitoring in the NICU

Project #1104 - Monitoring and Improving Architecture of Microservice-based Applications