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z/OS User Group Requirements

User requirements for other z/OS releases:

SSMVSE99007 50153 Externalize IEFUSI to set Storage Limits
MR1005113825 / SSSHARE016690 49889 Region Size for Private and Extended Private
MR0426125036 50312 z/OS Client Web Enablement Toolkit
MR1029122527 / MR0330112815 50310 Audit/Logging for BCPii
SSMVSE12018 50311 BCPii needs to have logging facilities
MR0407056621 / MR0728044642 / MR1027043620 / MR1118041901 / MR1204085345 50038 / 49831 Allowing a user to log with the same USERID on a few MCS/SMCS consoles in the sysplex
MR0114083320 50104 Make it an option to have SMCS consoles be logged off after a period of inactivity
MR0219034836 50081 SNA MCS Required by Auditors to TIMEOUT
MR0513097036 50008 Timeout mechanism for MCS/SMCS consoles
MR1112037013 N/A Master Console - Auto Logoff
MR0930082010 / MR0311051701 50064 Concurrent logon to multiple MCS Consoles
MR0719116454 N/A HZSPRNT utility: support for more than 100 characters
MR090109350 49703 REXX functions for HZSPREAD/HZSPWRIT macros and an example of using external Assembler program with the macros
MR0516122353 49590 PFA should return responses to the originating EMCS console
MR0716125648 / SSMVSE12010 49589 Improve purge of PFA saved exception data
MR110911916 49587 The PFA sampling is very CPU intensive
MR120610419 49586 PFA UserId and given Home Directory
MR1005114819 49588 PFA PFA_COMMON_STORAGE_USAGE check SYSTEM current usage
MR1127125254 57465 PFA setup verification program
SSMVSE12011 49952 Private Virtual Storage Exhaustion Health Check is Needed
MR0325114039 / SSMVSE11001 50057 MVS should validate Subsystem Init routine b4 adding subsystem
MR0219034850 / SSMVSE03030 49922 Dynamically Reinitialize and Delete Subsystems
MR0716125652 / SSMVSE12014 49565 PER SLIP Traps should capture the BEAR
MR120909331 / MR0611093039 / SSMVSE09008 49564 Allow SYS1.LOGREC to be reallocated and used without an IPL
MR0119115942 49568 Move LOGREC data set without IPL
MR0527114728 N/A SMS manage SYS1.LOGREC
MR00070904 50173 Switch to SETLOGRC DATASET when LOGSTREAM specified in IEASYSxx
REQ68289 N/A Logrec: use dataset even when not IPLed with one
MR0323111712 49567 Software tester
N/A 64888 Include the BEAR value in the IEA995I message
N/A 59194 Adding an option to use PDUU to compress and separate files without FTP
N/A 49574 Allow BLSCUSER statement SYSDDIR to recognize symbolics
N/A 65076 TRSMAIN should not close a newly created PDS until populating it
N/A 57969 AMAPDUPL needs to show FTP progress and transmission rate similar to basic FTP
N/A 69791 Cancel deferred during TDUMP
MR0302133035 49488 Do not prompt for CF ownership
MR0608102041 49471 XES PREFLIST enhancements
MR1018106747 49445 XCF API required by IBM Tivoli System Automation for z/OS
MR0516053947 / SSEWCP04006 49475 EWCP: XCF Couple API interface
N/A 64093 Change RRS SRD cell pool to use a cell pool type that can be contracted.
MR111010500 50301 Capacity Provisioning should allow CPC utilzation to trigger a physical provisioning action
SSMVSO07003 47430 Need list of which ZFS is quiesced in message IOEZ00581E
MR1003123651 47439 Query and return space usage information without the file system being mounted
MR0225117016 49356 Issue a highlighted console message when Master Keys become inactive
MR0521106726 N/A FPE as a card tokenization solution
PLAC0812-1534 (zBLC) N/A Utility to verify ICSF CKDS and PKDS coherency
MR041812649 N/A Validity period of cryptographic keys to be incorporated in the CKDS
MR0910126613 49335 Messages of crypto coprocessor status changes in joblogand syslog
MR0707066729 49341 AP Reconfig: Need a facility in ICSF to detect crypto work hung in crypto cards
MR0526047045 49345 After a hardware error that rendered the PCIXXC card(s) inactive, ICSF gave no indication of a problem
MR0415092049 N/A OWH/RNG SAF check, Dynamic SSM Enablement
MR1003136943 / MR0310145254 49330 Support AES Counter Mode Encryption
MR0517132711 N/A Variable mail inline message
MR0706121749 N/A The ability to start and stop an output device (printer) of Infoprint Server via TSO
MR1115123216 N/A TSU print jobs
N/A 27693 Provide a global ISPF option that disables PACK option for all panels and edit profiles.
N/A 28562 Allow Tailorable Line Commands under SDSF SJ function
N/A 42654 ISPCCONF - Add Edit "Line Command Table"
N/A 31422 ISPF "browse" support for striped dataset and >99M records
N/A 39423 Provide Multiple Logical Screen Start Support for the ISPSTART Command
N/A 39790 Interface for setting TLDRLPAS
N/A 38526 ISPDTLC to pass return-code to batch
N/A 27653 Remove command name COPY from the ISPF TSO command table (ISPTCM)
MR1020084625 49048 JES3 - Dataset Integrity for JES3's Datasets
MR1107134225 49007 JES3 JCL In-stream Symbolic Substitution
MR1020084630 49044 JES3 - OUTDISP support of OUTPUT JCL statement
MR1020084659 49025 JES3 - Support for Conditional SYSOUT Processing
MR0324114112 51959 Limitation to display the NFS mounts on the console
MR0416123025 51957 GFSA308I/304I for ELOGIC error fills NFS
MR0416124036 51956 Checklist processing
MR0620081324 51955 Enhance messages of zNFS client tools
MR0702131815 51954 Add Date Stamp to z/OS NFS Client Logs
MR0706045623 51953 Recording DATE in Z/OS NFS log
MR0807093132 51952 NFS CTRACE BUFSIZE Dynamic Change
MR0811112337 51965 BPXMTEXT tool expanded to include NFS Reason code identification
MR102210506 51950 Display domain name for NFSv4 name mapping
MR0927136730 51964 Update Line Line Number Reason Code x6E288873 to Fixed Reason Code
MR0717122240 51967 Improve Reason Code x6E2E8DC4
MR071012344 / MR1218136251 48561 / 48553 PKI Services 64-bit
MR0923084717 48305 N x M authentication factor
MR00076593 48475 RACF RRSF
MR0520106835 48386 RACF RRSF backup node envirionment
MR062210557 48366 chown -R and chmod -R should work as expected
MR0827124026 48322 Programmable interface for RACDCERT administration - for instance added functionality for R_datalib
MR1029092850 48282 Enable UNIX Administrators to have READ and SEARCH to all Directories
MR1123037838 48262 Back RRSF Main Node
MR1126103428 48260 RRSF: Automatic switching of MAIN node
MR1201084953 48253 RACF RRSF Enhancements to improve usability
MR1113082521 49712 GRS CPU analysis function
MR120709166 N/A Identify excessive caller of GQSCAN
MR121912193 48204 zFS Collected data not differentiated between Daemon and application
MR0205137227 48231 Include LFAREA 1M to 4K conversion counts in SMF Type 71 records
MR120313612 48206 RMF SMF to show high virtual common storage defined and allocated.
N/A 63681 New RMF71 SMF field for 1Mb Pageable Large Page usage
N/A 58731 SMF71MNF/SMF71CAM et al should reflect RCEAFC
MR1029125455 48210 CFOVER report does not report all CFs when CF is not connected to Master gathering system
MR0905125716 48214 RMF OVW conditions for SMF70GAU & SMF70LAC (group capacity MSU and individual LPAR MSU reporting on a 4 hour rolling average)
MR1206123618 48205 RMF - device adapter statistics
MR1219122942 48203 RMF field is not reliable
MR1010037145 49714 GRS Enqueue/Dequeue/Reserve Monitor
MR1001125737 49716 ENQ/Reserve (ISGAUDIT) Monitor
MR0904066556 49718 GRS ENQ/DEQ Monitor - Identification of ENQs issued with RET=TEST
MR0505095344 49725 GRS does not provide an efficient means for monitors to monitor STEP level ENQ contention at the resource level
MR0206123731 49733 Allow for selection of filter on startup of GRS ENQ/DEQ monitor tool
MR0728042136 49721 Specification of input parameters for the GRS ENQ/RESERVE/DEQ Monitor
MR1221051610 49193 Add ALTER support to the JES2 CKPT Coupling Facility Structure
MR0526042441 49255 JES2 Automatic Checkpoint Tuning
MR0710076832 49246 JES2 Checkpoint Initialization may cause IRA400E 03PAGEABLE STORAGE SHORTAGE
MR032905515 49271 Reduce number of seemingly duplicate JES2 monitor alert messages
MR1118116734 49185 ENF70 Routing Options
MR0204134156 / SSMVSE12039 49183 Need Static Symbolics in Instream Data
MR0204134159 / SSMVSE13007 49182 Need JCL Symbolics in Instream Data
MR0625124525 49181 Instream Proc Input substitution
N/A 59938 Modification to D SYMBOLS command
MR0110125130 50108 Enhance the information display in IEFC003I and IKJ56225I
MR0119116753 50097 Sample IEFACTRT exit should reflect SMF's own recommendation
MR080509514 48118 Display Userid on SDSF ENCLAVE Panel
MR1202035015 48090 Functions that SDSF is missing compared to IOF
MR090810169 48114 Enhancement of SDSF to summarize the RCs of all steps processed on a JOB
MR1119086516 48092 SDSF should provide a function to get job step statistics
MR0306074142 47886 SSL support for OCSP client
MR0606113913 47880 API for getting and setting the SSL Session ID
MR0724121535 49559 Allow AXRnn address spaces to be stopped via STOP or MODIFY command
MR0701092337 49561 z/OS System REXX Should Support Customer Parameters
MR0710091248 49560 System REXX enhancements
MR1003123658 49553 Request HKSCS-2008 support by z/OS Unicode Services
MR0129074340 N/A Provide DBCS build capability of BookManager
MR0816103552 48041 man command will use a 'cached' version of a man page in the USS filesystem even if it is a zero-byte file.
MR1203105922 48516 Process the entry point of an ALIAS
SSMVSE06001 49928 Add IPL unit address and Volume serial to IPL message IEA091I
MR0611103145 48597 Decrease minimum value allowed for parmMIN_CYLINDERS in ZOSMIGREC_ROOT_FS_SIZE health check.
MR0503123511 48985 LDAP message GLD1198E Unable to open logfile not specific
MR0220134011 48993 Dynamically allow LDAP to change the serverCompatLevel
N/A 30140 Improve IKED's ability to process large numbers of concurrent SA negotiations
PBOM0307-1034 (zBLC) N/A Make Resolver Trace dynamic
MR0713112427 N/A Reordering of Cached Resolver Results
MR1108071359 N/A Use a smaller MSS for connections using VIPAROUTE to account for GRE headers.
N/A 21818 Add 64 bit Common storage support to CSM storage.
MR1126081719 N/A Check MTU value on routes used for VIPARoute
N/A 36446 TCP/IP autonomic tuning
MR042704595 49592 New requirement: to preallocate offload datasets by logger
MR0102076258 49595 Add an optional parameter to LOGR Policy to enable the pre-allocation of a specified number of "x" Offload Datasets
MR032211327 49594 provide a means to unallocate the current Logger offload data set
MR0711115048 / SSMVSE11015 49591 Allow System Logger to Access Offload Datasets in Advance
MR0402101733 49593 Message IXG251I should be issued as an E type message.
MR0415092225 / MR0909083132 / MR1219132642 N/A Add health checker checks to Logger for monitoring usage of LSR, LSTRR, and DSEXTENT in LOGR couple dataset.
MR00074688 / REQ00074688 48605 ServerPac obsolete order cleanup
MR0527045332 48569 Length checking for fields in Variable section of ServerPac dialogs
MR1211024037 48566 Allow allocation of SMS data sets by ACS routines.
MR0524123837 48620 Enhance ServerPac to support MGMTCLAS
MR031314717 48698 Ported Tools OpenSSH should provide support for CTR mode for AES algorithm
MR0331116428 48682 SMF type 119 subtype 97 should include the target path
MR0115136347 48692 Possible replacement for ssh-rand-helper
MR1009083937 48653 upgrade the openSSH port on a regular basis to keep it more current
MR1012065537 48651 Port newer OpenSSH releases
MR1217086428 48633 Upgrade openssh to the latest level
MR0409083332 N/A upgrade the openSSH port on a regular basis to keep it more current
MR1029121347 48646 OpenSSH ssh client should support kerberosauthentication to non-z/OS hosts
MR060409596 48674 OpenSSH (Ported Tools) support for Kerberos in z/OS
MR0522096659 48675 Need OpenSSH to be FIPS 140-2 certified on z/OS
MR0716086318 48664 Need OpenSSH to be certified on z/OS
MR0629104838 48667 OpenSSH for z/OS FIPS certification
MR1122103039 48639 Enhance debug message from SSH to have time stamp
MR0902061740 / SSMVSE064943 49917 Create Dataset Level SMF Audit Trail for APF List
MR101212843 47400 Require APIs to retrieve information regarding software instances and deployments from z/OSMF Deployment.
MR0517061229 52503 Define GDG base noscratch default
MR0609111614 52149 Ability to route HSM FR Dump tasks of a copypoolto/from tape across a JES3plex
MR0716124547 52499 Catalog does not take advantage of 'CONNECT' keyword when invoking MLWTO
MR1001124442 / MR00027974 52495 DFP expand GDG limit beyond 255
MR110212305 52489 Health Checker to check for Catalog Shareoptions
MR0804052352 52111 Incremental FlashCopy for multiple versions of a copypool
MR1124096726 52031 DFSMShsm support for 2 FC Incremental Versions
MR070809254 N/A Multiple Incremental FlashCopy targets
MR0308065337 N/A DS8000 Multi target incremental FlashCopy
MR0313095936 N/A Multiple FCincremental relationships
MR0802072028 52112 / 55528 Message return option during call to HSM FRBACKUP... Functions
MR0609116935 52146 Command to alter retention period of FR Dumps to tape
MR1030002331 / MR0830001933 / MR0823001933 / MR00075261 / MR00075261_1 / MR00075261_2 / MR00075261_3 / MR1020004452 52049 Full volume dump stacking retry after tape I/O error
MR0323092250 N/A DFHSM to stop non-stack dumps to tape after a Stacking failure in Autodump
MR00068092 N/A ability to change the retention date on HSM dump tape volumes
MR1011122433 51993 FRBACKUP with DUMP should reuse non full tapes.
MR00074956 / SSMVSS99027 51543 DFSMShsm: Change dump stacking design to fill 3590 and multitask
MR00073571 52014 HSM volume dump stacking controlling concurrent dump tasks
MR0402144016 52305 Improvement to DFSMShsm Class Transition
MR0414146750 52304 Include HSM FR Output messaging dataset name in the related HSM messages
MR0927135550 51994 Multitask Storage Group Migration
PSEB0713-1620 (zBLC) N/A Library enters the synchronous deferred state
MR0308124932 51168 Prevent Orphan CA's and CI's from occurring
MR0429114218 52508 Provide a new parm in IDCAMS LISTCAT so it will ignore the TSO PREFIX/NOPREFIX setting.
MR073109308 52498 Enhance IDCAMS PARM(TEST)
MR0502004136 / SSMVSE00002 52507 Request New Installation Option for GDG Management - PURGE
MR1001124446 / SSMVSS12003 52494 REPRO MERGECAT Output should be condensed
MR0508083530 52505 IDCAMS can not read VSAM ESDS file while DFSORT can
MR0719125224 52359 DFDSS COPY with FASTREP results in high CPU usage by ANTMAIN address space
MR0715112842 52445 Include SMS managed space changes for DADSM EXIT IGGPRE00
MR102612278 N/A Partial release should keep a minimum of 5mb for the primary allocation for an sms-compressible dataset
MR0220137048 51919 Treat all DEVSUPxx keywords defaults consistently
MR0628124327 51911 Enable DFSMS O/C/EOV Tape Exits to be Dynamic
MR0921126243 51906 Eliminate IEC140I message
MR1117112433 / SSMVSE11033 51903 Add JCTJOBID and Sysplex to SMF types 14/15 (data set close)
MR0912032057 N/A Allow guaranteed space to have space reduction with Space Constraint relief
MR0917106336 N/A SMS Data Class enhancement
MR0201106633 N/A Provide IGD Message when Dynamic Volume Count (DVC) function is invoked
MR0909093714 51785 Message IGD01015I should be enhanced to include the storage group selected.
MR0323122319 51796 IGD030I ERROR IS INVALID DELIMITER error when IGDSMSxx paramater extends to a 3rd line
MR0923086618 51782 IGD17800I message enhancement
MR0205072635 51801 New Feature: Issue IGD17364I to the SYSLOG
MR1110095439 51777 Command for TOTAL FREESPACE of a storage group
MR0723094052 N/A VSAM backout of Alternate Index processing
MR0927116342 51163 Improve VSAM EOV processing for non sms managed data sets
MR0504115050 / MR0927102313 47375 z/OSMF Incident Log should support SFTP
MR0515122112 47388 Naming conventions for tersed ftp'ed dump data set in Incident Management Plug-In
SSMVSE12006 47383 z/OSMF should accept Service Request PMR format
n/a 75724 PLAC0812-1534 Utility to verify ICSF CKDS and PKDS coherency
n/a 60171 Publications update for Crypto Standards Compliance
n/a 60159 Key Archiving
n/a 75865 PUSC0402-442 Dynamically Reinitialize and Delete Subsystems
n/a 66494 Provide pre- and post-zEDC byte counts in SMF Type 23 records
MR00068311 50219 Extended Functionality for the REGION JCL Param.
MR0823123814 49923 IEFSSI should provide for reusing a subs
n/a 76106 Add zEDC usage information to Type 30 records
n/a 65599 PAET1212-1566 - Need a way to specify REGION= for above and below the line
MR0614055946 49660 IOTIMING and MSGONLY facility for tapes
MR0315136911 49531 Solution against Suspension of LPAR Weig
MR1215063739 49494 MVS command D OPT
n/a 62446 pre-allocate system logger offload datasets prior to use
MR0719104625 49606 Non disruptive method to remove logstrea