License Information documents

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The Programs listed below are licensed under the following terms and conditions in addition to those of the International Program License Agreement.

Program Name: IBM WebSphere MQ V7.0.1
Program Number: 5724-H72

Sub-Capacity Terms for System z Programs

Refer to the "IPLA Amendment for IBM System z Programs Sub-Capacity Pricing" (previously known as the "IPLA Amendment for zSeries Platform Programs Sub-Capacity Pricing" and "IPLA Amendment for IBM System z9 and eServer zSeries Programs Sub-Capacity Pricing") to determine applicable sub-capacity terms.

Program-unique Terms

1. License use management

License Use Management software is used to monitor compliance. The Licensee should retain the original product and all Passport Advantage documents as Proof of Entitlement.

No separate server or client authorizations are required to license any other component part of the Program, including the Information Center, MQ Resource Adapter, and the MQ Explorer.

Specific restrictions also apply to various components of the Program, as described below.

2. Extended Transactional Client

In addition to the MQ clients, WebSphere MQ delivers an extended transactional client for each client platform.

If the Licensee chooses to use an extended transactional client, the Licensee must purchase a license for the machine on which the Licensee runs the client. The only exception to this requirement is if the transaction manager that the Licensee is using is provided by (i) IBM WebSphere Application Server, (ii) IBM WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus, or (iii) IBM WebSphere Process Server, each of which includes extended transactional client capability.