License Information documents

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Base license agreements (LAs)

Below are the current versions of the IBM Client Relationship Agreement (CRA) and the IBM International Program License Agreement (IPLA) family of agreements.

Along with the License Information (LI) document, one of the four base LAs (or the combined "try and buy" agreement) is provided with related IBM software when it is delivered. Some LIs were released under earlier versions of these base license agreements. These can be seen by viewing an LI.

Client Relationship Agreement (CRA)

This agreement was introduced in 2014.

The CRA can be found at IBM Terms.

Related documents are in the "Client Relationship Agreeement" subcatagory under the "Standard Agreements" category.

IPLA family of agreements

These agreeements were updated in October 2021.

The four base agreements can be found under the "Standard Agreements" category at IBM Terms.

Each agreement is available in 18 languages. A booklet containing all languages is also available.