Software maintenance

Software Maintenance

Software Maintenance for non-Passport Advantage IPLA licensed Programs is available as follows: for non-System z IPLA licensed Programs, Software Maintenance is available for one or three years; for System z IPLA licensed Programs, Subscription and Support is available for one year. Software Maintenance renewals protect your software investment and ensure uninterrupted access to vital technical support and product upgrades.

Software Maintenance is provided under the terms and conditions of the International Agreement for the Acquisition of Software Maintenance (IAASM). Software Maintenance includes both subscription and support.

The IAASM is an international agreement which has a Part 1 - General Terms and a Part 2 - Country Unique Terms. The agreement's construct is the same as that of the International Program License Agreement (IPLA) which is IBM's World Wide licensing agreement for One-Time-Charge Programs.

The IAASM agreement sppears in 18 languages below for your reference and viewing convenience. These documents are normally provided with IBM software in hardcopy, on media, or may be electronically accepted during the order process for the Programs.

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