Cloud Services terms

These terms are now located in the Cloud Services section of IBM Terms:

Search cloud service terms tips

General tips

  • Searching is done on offering name and number.
  • Document contents are not included in the search.
  • Upper/lower case of the search criteria is ignored.
  • Results are always shown with the most recent announce date first.
  • Results will indicate whether each document is an IBM Cloud SD or not.
  • If either no documents or a very large number of documents are found, try fine-tuning your search using one of the strategies below.

Search strategies and examples

  • When searching by offering name, enter a part of the name likely to target the LIs you want. For example, searching for "Trusteer Fraud Protection" will results in fewer hits than searching for "Trusteer".
  • When searching by offering number, just use the middle part, e.g. "6619" rather than "i126-2219-02".