License Information documents

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Search LI documents tips

General tips

  • Searching is done on Program name/number, document form/part number, or License Information (LI) number. These are typically found in the announcement letter or in an LI.
  • Passport Advantage ordering part numbers are not included in the search.
  • Upper/lower case of the search criteria is ignored.
  • If either no documents or a very large number of documents are found, try fine-tuning your search using one of the strategies below.
  • Results are always shown with the most recent availability date first.

Search strategies and examples

  • There is no need to include "IBM" in front of a partial program name.
  • When searching by Program name, enter a part of the name likely to target the LIs you want. For example, searching for "Rational" results in hundreds of hits, but searching for "Rational Host Integration" only results in a few.
  • You can search for an LI number, e.g. "L-MKOL-9N5NMD". It does not need to be upper case.
  • You can search for a Program number (PID), e.g. "5724-V25". But sometimes these were entered without the dash, so searching for "5724-v25" OR "5724v25" will find either case. You can use the OR in the search criteria as shown.

PIDs (or program numbers) vs part numbers

  • IBM announcement letters list program names and PIDs (Program IDs).
  • IBM later develops packages that offer those programs under one or more part numbers, depending on how they are offered for sale alone or in bundles.
  • Maintenance or subscriptions might be offered under another part number.
  • The licenses stored here are based on the announcement letters, so you can search on PID but not on part number.
  • Searching on a key part of the program name is usually the best bet unless you happen to know the PID .